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Written by Robert   
Monday, 17 March 2014 13:27

After the release of the 20140223 snapshot I made plans for what to get into the next one. So here's what's planned for the next snapshot.

Of course, ID3v2 chapter support will be one of the new features as it was originally scheduled for the previous snapshot already. In addition, there will also be support for chapters in Vorbis Comment tags (used by the Vorbis, Opus and Speex encoders) as well as some improvements to cover art handling with those tags. Regarding CD ripping, the next snapshot will introduce an option to spin up the disc before actually starting to rip and will add support for reading ISRC fields on systems using the CDIO library as a ripper backend. If I’m getting it done in time, I will also include IME (Input Method Editor for complex alphabets) support on Linux and switch to using the common menu bar on OS X.

Unfortunately, except for the Vorbis Comment improvements, I didn’t implement much of this yet as there were quite a few reports of problems with the 20140323 release. I was busy fixing those issues for the greater part of the past three weeks. The problems fixed include memory management issues when adding and converting large numbers of tracks on OS X and problems with fre:ac hanging on Linux when adding tracks with cover art.

I will probably be able to predict a release date for the upcoming snapshot in next month’s status update.