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Sunday, 23 January 2022 22:23

The following list shows supported languages and translation status. It is updated when a new translation is submitted to Git, so you can always get the latest version here. To download a file, you need to right-click and select 'Save target as...'.

If you would like to update a translation or contribute a new one, please download the fre:ac Translation Kit:

fre:ac 1.1.6 Translation Kit:

The translation kit contains all resources needed to edit, update and test translations for all involved components. Please read the Readme file included in the ZIP package and send updated or new translations to

Here is the current list of translations:

Language Status Updated Need Translator
English Original lang always No
German 100% always No
Dutch 100% v1.1.6 No
Swedish 100% v1.1.6 No
Serbian (Latin script) 100% v1.1.6 No
Serbian (Cyrillic script) 100% v1.1.6 No
Portuguese 100% v1.1.6 No
Portuguese (Brazilian) 100% v1.1.6 No
Corsican 100% v1.1.6 No
Polish 99% v1.1.5 No
Bulgarian 99% v1.1.5 No
Chinese (traditional) 99% v1.1.5
Czech 99% v1.1.5 No
French 99% v1.1.5
Italian 99% v1.1.5 No
Japanese 99% v1.1.5 No
Russian 99% v1.1.5 No
Lithuanian 99% v1.1.5 No
Spanish 99% v1.1.5 No
Romanian 98% v1.1.5 No
Romanian (without diacritics) 98% v1.1.5 No
Slovak 94% v1.1.5
Hindi 93% v1.1.2 No
Danish 93% v1.1.2
Chinese (simplified) 92% v1.1.2 No
Persian 92% v1.1.2 No
Croatian 90% v1.1 Beta
Norwegian 72% v1.1 Alpha
Cantonese (Hong Kong) 70% v1.1 Alpha Yes
Spanish (Latin American) 61% v1.1 Apha
Korean 53% v1.0.33
Arabic 50% v1.0.28 Yes
Turkish 47% v1.0.27 No
Afrikaans 47% v1.0.27 Yes
Basque 47% v1.0.27 Yes
Valencian 47% v1.0.27 Yes
Finnish 47% v1.0.27 Yes
Ukrainian 47% v1.0.27 Yes
Hungarian 45% v1.0.15 Yes
Catalan 45% v1.0.15 Yes
Galician 45% v1.0.15 No
Vietnamese 44% v1.0.14 Yes
Estonian 44% v1.0.14 Yes
Greek 43% v1.0 Yes
Esperanto 43% v1.0 Yes
Hebrew 25% - Yes
Other languages 0% - Yes

If you would like to submit an update or a new translation, please send it to

Alternatively, you can contribute translation updates via the fre:ac project on Crowdin, a community translation platform.


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