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Monday, 06 March 2023 23:32

fre:ac version 1.1.7 has been released on 5th March 2023.

This release adds a tool for splitting the output into multiple files based on various parameters like duration, number of files or metadata. The update also adds support for dithering, a matrix surround decoder and a volume adjustment filter.

Additionally, fre:ac 1.1.7 comes with various minor improvements, updated third party codecs and fixes for several issues found in fre:ac v1.1.6 and earlier versions:

  • New features
    • Added a tool for splitting output by various parameters (e.g. duration or number of files)
    • Added support for dithering when reducing sample resolution
    • Added a matrix surround decoder DSP component
    • Added a volume adjustment DSP component
  • Improvements
    • Added support for WavPack Hybrid Lossless compression with correction files
    • Added support for decoding MPEG-4 DASH files
    • Added support for opening WebM audio files with the .weba extension
    • Added support for downmixing 6.1 channel audio
    • Added support for MusicBrainz metadata in ID3v2, MP4, Vorbis Comment, APEv2 and WMA tags
    • Added support for sort order fields in ID3v2, MP4, Vorbis Comment, APEv2 and WMA tags
    • Added support for rating field in Vorbis Comment, APEv2, MP4 and LIST INFO tags
    • Added rating field to the tag editor
    • Added optional release year column to the joblist
    • Changed filename placeholder to resolve to 1 if disc number is not set
    • Improved compatibility with applications writing non-compliant LIST INFO tags (e.g. Traktor)
    • Added an option to use source file names as output file names if no metadata is present
    • Added an option to control extraction of missing metadata from file names
    • Added an option to restrict file names for reading cover art
    • Added an option to disable intensity stereo phase inversion to Opus settings
    • Added AccurateRip notification options for successful verification and missing database entries
    • Sample rate conversion no longer converts to 32 bit float when the source rate matches the target
    • Added negative exit codes to indicate errors when running freaccmd
    • Added support for KDE color schemes (including dark mode)
    • Improved HiDPI scale factor detection in KDE desktop environments
    • Respect text scaling factor in addition to font size setting on X11 based systems
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed crashes when decoding ALAC files (especially with the Windows Store version)
    • Fixed failure (hang and abort after several seconds) to decode chapters from ALAC files
    • Fixed interoperability issues of HE- and HEv2-AAC files created with FDK-AAC with foobar2000
    • Fixed incorrect gapless information when creating HE- and HEv2-AAC files with FDK-AAC
    • Fixed incorrect index times in cuesheets for very long multi-track files
    • Fixed incorrect inclusion of data tracks in the audio track count of CD offset strings
    • Fixed old data remaining in place after updating WMA file tags
    • Fixed selected format resetting to first entry when opening WMA config dialog
    • Fixed excessive bitrate when encoding Vorbis on non-x86 LP64 systems
    • Fixed decoding of MP4 files with a single chunk taking excessively long
    • Fixed HDCD detection for tracks starting with more than about one second of silence
    • Fixed floating point samples being converted to integer when creating WavPack files
    • Fixed inability to close cover art popup window on Linux
    • Fixed long paths being converted to 8.3 format on recent versions of Windows
    • Fixed inability to handle long network paths on some versions of Windows
    • Fixed disc insert and removal detection working unreliably on Windows

Upgrading to fre:ac v1.1.7 is strongly recommended for users of earlier releases.

The new release is available in the downloads section. Please report issues on the GitHub issue tracker or by email to