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Monday, 28 June 2021 00:33

fre:ac version 1.1.5 has been released on 27th June 2021.

This update adds support for verifying audio CD rips using AccurateRip technology. This compares a checksum of the ripped audio against other users' results for the same CD. When a match is found in the AccurateRip database, this basically certifies a perfect rip. And in case of a mismatch, fre:ac displays a warning to let you know something may be wrong.

Besides this major new feature, the 1.1.5 update comes with performance optimizations, further tagging improvements, updated codecs and a number of bug fixes:

  • Improvements
    • Improved DSP processing performance by up to 70% (mainly on Windows)
    • Added frequency bandwidth setting to FDK-AAC encoder configuration dialog
    • Added an option to toggle logging of complete paths in log files
    • Added options for specifying cover art files to freaccmd
    • Added support for reading Shift_JIS encoded CD-Text
    • Added support for writing album and track comments to cue sheets
    • Added support for ID3v2 tags in RF64 files
    • Added support for updating Vorbis Comment tags
    • Added support for updating ID3v2 tags in RIFF and AIFF files
    • Added support for updating LIST INFO tags in RIFF, RF64 and Wave64 files
    • Added support for ensemble field in Vorbis Comment and APEv2 tags
    • Added support for movement field in ID3v2, Vorbis Comment, APEv2 and MP4 tags
    • Added support for additional URL fields in APEv2 tags
    • Added a tag editor option to keep album artist even if identical to track artist
    • Added media type field to tag editor
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed hotspot for genre edit field utility menu not covering the whole width of the field
    • Fixed occasional crashes when selecting codec subformat using the "Start encoding with" menu
    • Fixed chapter marks being offset by a few seconds when using DSP processing
    • Fixed playback not working when using certain combinations of DSP processors
    • Fixed incompatibility of FDK-AAC encoded HE and HEv2 AAC files with iTunes
    • Fixed issue decoding FLAC files with unknown length
    • Fixed glitches decoding transients in some Vorbis files
    • Fixed possible crashes when decoding Opus files
    • Fixed rare crashes in LAME encoder component
    • Fixed strings read from ID3v2 tags being limited to 1024 characters
    • Fixed crash when reading malformed CD-Text genre IDs
    • Fixed failure ripping with negative read offset
    • Fixed disc eject not working on macOS
    • Fixed crash when closing fre:ac via dock command on macOS
    • Fixed UI glitches and crashes on exit when running in a Wayland session
    • Fixed popup menu and dropdown list closing behavior on non-Windows platforms
    • Fixed issues with custom DPI settings on Xfce desktops
    • Fixed drag & drop working unreliably on X11 based systems

Upgrading to fre:ac v1.1.5 is strongly recommended for users of earlier releases.

The new release is available in the downloads section. Please report issues on the GitHub issue tracker or by email to