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Written by Robert   
Monday, 10 September 2018 21:59

So I'm really late for the monthly status update this time. Will try to post earlier next month.

There are only two things to be reported this time, but those surely are great news:

SuperFast codecs merged into mainline

The SuperFast versions of the LAME, AAC (FAAC, FDK-AAC and Core Audio), Opus and Speex codecs have finally been merged into mainline fre:ac. You still have to enable SuperFast mode manually on the Resources configuration page to make full use of them, but that option is set to become enabled by default before the fre:ac 1.1 final release.

Enabling SuperFast mode
SuperFast mode is marked experimental for now and has to be enabled manually

Read here and here for more details on fre:ac's SuperFast encoding technology.

Dynamic arguments feature merged

I wrote about the dynamic arguments feature for freaccmd in last month's issue. Now that code has been merged, making it the second big feature completed this month.

While not visible for users of the graphical UI, this will make things much easier for those who would like to script and/or automate conversions with the command line interface.

There will be a new alpha release with these changes in the next few days. Keep watching for it and stay tuned for the next update in about a month.


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