fre:ac v1.1 Alpha 20181201a Print
Saturday, 01 December 2018 18:16

fre:ac v1.1 Alpha 20181201a has been released and is now available for download!

This release adds a Notifier extension that can play a sound or display a message when a conversion is finished which was an often requested feature.

The 20181201a hotfix for the initial 20181201 release fixes broken CD ripping functionality.

Other changes in this release are:

  • Improved tagging support
    • Read/write ID3v2 from/to .wav files
    • Read cue sheets embedded in ID3v2 tags
  • Improved freaccmd command line interface
    • Select options can now be specified ignoring case (e.g. VBR and vbr are now interchangeable)
    • Fixes for arguments parsing on non-Windows systems
  • Other improvements
    • Added option to switch stereo channels in Channel Converter DSP
    • Added support for accent colors on macOS Mojave
    • Greatly improved UI looks and behavior on Haiku
    • Respect GDK_SCALE environment variable on X11 systems
    • Extension component names are now translatable
  • Various bug fixes
    • Fixed crash when using the channel converter to convert mono to stereo
    • Fixed output file writing when using FAAC in SuperFast mode
    • Fixed encoding mono MP3s with LAME
    • Fixed issues writing MP4 files when <directory> pattern is used
    • Improved performance when reading large MP4/M4A files

Upgrading to the 20181201a release is strongly recommended for users of previous alpha or snapshot releases. All users of the stable release of fre:ac are encouraged to try this alpha instead. Please report issues on the GitHub issue tracker or by email to

The new release is available in the downloads section.